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The sapphire moon shone an eerie glow across Mirror Mountain Valley, revealing the land’s cloud spearing summits, fierce peaks baring silent witness to crackling, unrelenting lightening, bold illumination streaking from heaven on course to strike the boy down dead.
Crimson robe wrapped under his arm, soles of his feet aching, the child fled the elemental assault whilst all around him, networks of inflamed power thundered out of black clouds, incinerating the grassy basin he raced along.  The boy fixated upon the ocean ahead, dark waves glinting in the azure moonlight.  Such vast water promised deliverance.  Survival.
        A rock unseen led to a trip, a stumble and then, a bad rolling fall into the ravine of darkness.  He coughed as he drew upon a lungful of smoke rising from large embers raging everywhere, blazes where the High-Father’s lightening rod missed their mark.  The infant target heaved himself up, gathering his red cape back under his arm, pounding forward – away – as yet more bright flashes reached out.  The silver violence daggered out of the firmament, sizzling earth, trees and rock as the boy-child yelped with every crack of heavenly wrath.  His was the life of a mouse dependent upon the arrogant whim of a large unremitting paw.
Leave me alone High-Father, please? His feet hit the sandy beach whilst his head ducked to the snap of sky-fire, untamed paths of jagged fury, raising fountains of grain into his face.  Sand lodged in his right eye, but the sting of it would have to be wiped later.  I’m almost safe. 
Into the gloomy waves he jumped, hurdling black water, crimson cape flapping out behind him as he swam out, diving deep, ploughing depths, scattering marine-life.  The cat would have to work hard for its meal, thought the caped-child, determinedly kicking his little boy legs, thrusting him down, down, down, as fast as possible, as swiftly as his kind could.  Blind, scared, desperate, he unhooked the gold band around his neck to let loose the long red flow of royalty.  The mark of kingship would only slow his descent.  All that life-endangering drag, dispensed of, yet still, lightening blasts boiled the surface of his oceanic refuge.  At the bottom, crouched in a ball, the child concentrated on holding his breath as the accidental swallowing of ocean swilled unbearably in his mouth.  He fought against the undesirable image of sucking upon the heads of dead fish.  Then, after tense undisturbed moments of waiting, he felt the bed of the great ocean vibrate.  He felt the world shudder.
Boom, boom, boom, rumbled the ocean-bed.  Boom, boom, boom!
The immense weight of one thousand men shook the waters, until the groundswell built to a trembling so vehement, that the child-god fought to remain on the ocean floor, fists coiled tight around plants, unable to see a thing.  He couldn’t pretend not to know what caused the quaking.  He knew who these footsteps belonged to and whose face they heralded: 
High-Father, you’ve taken the form of a giant.
He clenched his teeth, resisting the impulse to shoot up to the surface.  But he was only a Halfling, his attachment to breathing a weak point he hadn’t considered at all, not before his submergence.  Bubbles escaped him, more horrible briny taste seeping in, till he snapped, like a wild animal, clawing, heaving, shoving baleful upon baleful of water, climbing up decisively toward the gulps of air above.  He volleyed into the dark of a room: the suite of a modest hotel, perhaps?  Momentarily he became thankful for escaping the High-Father; the gauntlet across Mirror Mountain Valley merely a nightmare of his subconscious.  He found himself fully grown again – a man – not some boy on the run from some fanatical indomitable sovereign.  But this is not a hotel.  The man’s eyes reacquainted themselves with the heavy door, a green foreboding slab that locked him away from society.  The bulk of his name and history crushed all confusion out of mind.
My name is Spiderfingers and this is a room for mad people.

Click on the chapter titles (NOT the pictures) to lose yourself in a beguiling realm, a reality that sits close, very close to the world you think you know...

V    O    L    U    M    E    I
Operation Genie Bottle 

Mystery, mental illness and murder await those who discover 
Spiderfingers and the Russian Doll Stories.

Act I 

A Stage Called Bellevue

The Voice
When Spiderfingers' plan to evade his past comes under threat, new measures must be taken.
A better part must be played.

Spiderfingers finds life on the outside world full of violent unpredictable surprises.

There Is No Off The Radar
Spiderfingers returns to Bellevue, but not as a patient. 
Hoping to receive information to help him save the world, Spiderfingers pays a visit to an old mentor. 
Not everything goes according to plan. 

...Meanwhile, in a foreign country, a hunter meets a man purporting to be a magician.

A Night in the Life
Spiderfingers fights for his life in a London alleyway. He doesn't fight alone.  

Act II

Meeting The Cheerleader
In the hope of contacting Vicky, Spiderfingers speaks to a handful of grass.

The Splicing
Hara loses the ultimate part of herself to her cause. 
However, what she believes in suprises her with an unexpected and powerful gift.  

When Characters Seek Crucibles
Spiderfingers and Samson celebrate New Year's eve with style.
Opening night is just around the corner...  

Operation Genie Bottle
Spiderfingers sings a song and makes some conversation. 
A young lady has a dream within a dream. In the waking world, 
she indulges the whimsy of an ambitious street orator. 

Spiderfingers divulges the history of a character he has written, protagonist 
... called Spiderfingers. The tale has an everlasting effect upon his relationship with Steph.

Steph's Biggest Fan
Steph entertains plans for The Russian Doll Stories.
Spiderfingers indulges in bondage, just before being interrupted.


Man is the Meal
Stephanie has a strange dream, 
her creativity spikes and a new Russian Doll Story is told.
Will she sleuth the common theme of the Russian Doll Stories? 

Ruin Lives
A dubious killing by Spiderfingers earns him the full attention of his former doctors.

Rise of The Unmaker
The Return of Mine prompts Spiderfingers to consider a new way of defence.

Who You Know, How They See You
Enter Doctor Chimera.
Terror rides upon the night.

Epilogue: She Who Carves The DollMaker
S   P   I   D   E   R   F   I   N   G   E   R   S 
The Russian Doll Stories
By John Clay
V    O    L    U    M    E    II
Revelations For Some

Bloody history and petty feuds crash upon the withered flaking island that is a demigod's consciousness.
The theatre of his life welcomes new players as old ones face impossible odds and death-traps galore.
Know yourself.

S is For...
Spiderfingers sets up a date with Steph.
She tells a story that brings a smile to the face of chaos. 

The Killing Moon
In which Spiderfingers tells the tragedy of Rao,
Steph receives a surprise gift.
And a storyteller reveals their dark side.
Spiderfingers must choose between healing the wounds of the past...
...or continuing his secret plans to finally outwit the gods.

How The War Of The Gods Began
History. A fairy-tale. A war story. All one and the same.

trans-racial super-heroine with a way with birds,
A boy zombie with a pet hand and a penchant for knife-play
And a mother who can affect the health of people from a distance,
 Come, meet The Discordians.

The sudden arrival of reinforcements splits the team...

A bloodthirsty game begins.
No piece is safe.
No tactic is foolproof.

The Death of Spiderfingers
Two Discordians die as does their god.
And Steph has something to show Milo that might change her life forever.

I   N   T   E   R   M   I   S   S   I   O   N

Hero Worship 1 of 4: My Skull, the Vocal Booth
Spiderfingers walks the London barrier between divine and mortal-kind. 
He is both warden and vagabond.

Steph's new found creative drive takes a physical and mental toll whilst
unexpected events threaten to pull her out of her relentless routine.

Spiderfingers' investigation leads him stateside,
He acquires a dark side-kick.
L.A is indeed a place where no one and nothing is quite what they seem. 

Stephanie Penny Tent is in for the ride of her life.
The latest question is: who is in the drivers seat?

Steph is confronted by Brother Blue and his younger sibling. 
The way out is not through a door.
S   P   I   D   E   R   F   I   N   G   E   R   S 
The Russian Doll Stories
By John Clay
V    O    L    U    M    E    III
Chaos For All 

When Stephanie Tent chances upon the outlandish tales of a down and out storyteller, chaos consumes her life and thrusts her onto a dark path of self-discovery and mayhem. 
Who do you know?
How do they see you?


Saul and the Ceremony of Knives
Stephanie Tent has a hospital visit from a young man 
who has a unique relationship 
...with death.

Handy Andy: Sidekick Supreme
Stephanie, Saul and Handy Andy must escape Bellevue Mental hospital,
But if they succeed they'll have to survive each other.

Click Click Bang Bang
Meet Foley Edwards, John Clay lookalike with a horrifying sense of self. 

Foley, His Sister Sarah and Other Parasites
Steph has a deep conversation with the Blue Man...
...and the identity of Rooenn the Terrorsmith becomes ever clearer.

Hero Worship 3 of 4: 
Pet's their Masters and the Chains that Bind Them
His every waking moment is spent battling the fanatical minions 
of his jealous off-world brethren. 
Where there is chaos there is Spiderfingers.

Room Full of Wishes
Steph learns more about her surreal environment. Above her, something burns.
The Blue Man is quite penitent.

Assemble Your Forces
Steph solves the Algebra Murders with the help of a strange new accomplice.

A Doll Inside
The Algebra-Killer has an unsuspecting photo artist in its sights. 
Steph, Saul and Handy Andy face-off against a minion of the Egyptian dog god of the dead.

In the name of survival, Handy Andy makes a life-altering sacrifice. 
Meanwhile, Saul shocks Steph with revelations concerning the early days of The Discordians... 

...Alice Carroll  teams up with a broken hand.
...And Saul makes a sacrifice that Steph doesn't see coming.

...Steph takes a dive into the Sea of Stars.
A deeper significance to The Russian Doll Stories is discovered. 

Spiderfingers wasn't the only Discordian to be a resident of Bellevue...

Foley goes to sleep whilst Rooenn the Terrorsmith awakes...and attacks.
The hero is defined by the weight of their sacrifice.
S   P   I   D   E   R   F   I   N   G   E   R   S 
The Russian Doll Stories
By John Clay
V    O    L    U    M    E    IV
The Great Book 

The Great Book holds the word of its creator, a creator built from the ruins of destruction. 

Meanwhile, in a strange land, Lilith has become an unwilling construction worker.

Hero Worship 4 of 4: 
Forces of Nature
Spiderfingers and Kurt come to blows. 
Only one will survive the battle.
Saul makes an alarming discovery.
Steph finally finds out the common theme of The Russian Doll Stories.
There will be chaos for all.


The following compendium takes place in a universe separate from The Russian Doll Stories and ought to be read as such. Therefore, and in accordance with the will of the author, any events that ignore, nullify or contradict the happenings in The Russian Doll Stories are to be treated as non-canonical ‘Elseworld’ fantasies.

S   P   I   D   E   R   F   I   N   G   E   R   S 
The Russian Doll Stories
By John Clay
S    E    C    R    E    T 
B    A    B    U    S    H    K    A    S

A compendium of deleted and extended scenes to accompany 
The Russian Doll Stories

Projections and Reflections
(The Epilogue to Spiderfingers Hero Worship)

(a deleted scene that follows Sacrifices)
A small but passionate web community discovers shared truths beyond a warped fiction.


The following compendium takes place in a universe separate from The Russian Doll Stories and ought to be read as such. Therefore, and in accordance with the will of the author, any events that ignore, nullify or contradict the happenings in The Russian Doll Stories are to be treated as non-canonical ‘Elseworld’ fantasies.

S   P   I   D   E   R   F   I   N   G   E   R   S 
The Russian Doll Stories
By John Clay
S    P    E    C    I    A    L 
F    E    A    T    U    R    E    S

Face of Chaos: The Undead Story
(A web-comic that features Spiderfingers) 

The Cutting Room Floor
(Deleted scenes from Spiderfingers: Hero Worship)
The Cutting Room Floor

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