Sunday, 30 September 2012

What Does Spiderfingers Think Of His Creator?


  1. Well, that was certainly interesting! In a strange new twist, Spinderfingers is appearing to selected 'believers' and his motives for this are still unclear. It'll be interesting to see how this thread spins.

    I must admit, I found this a little hard to read. I mean in terms of formatting rather than content. I totally respect what you were trying to do, and it makes sense. You're trying to show the fanbase for the Spiderfingers mythology and also satirise the way certain people obsess about certain books/tv shows/films online. It's an admirable idea, and also serves to update the epistolary narrative for the modern age, and it's certainly in keeping with your themes of technology and subversion of technology.

    A few improvements to be made: you need to give each 'commenter' a more individual sense of voice. Some of these people blur into one another and some of the longer entries have a very similar tone to the main narrative. All of this serves to make the idea of a forum – a coming together of different people with different thoughts, backgrounds and ideas – a little less believable. The way to rectify this is to play with dialect and spelling more, experiment and consider how different people might express themselves in this situation. It might also help to have a few more dissenting voices (people speaking out against Spiderfingers and small arguments erupting as a result of this) The one or two small arguments you have at the beginning seem almost too civilised for a real internet forum! What you might do, in order to ensure that there are dissenting voices – but that their dissent does not overpower the narrative – is have something like this

    This story is shit and all y'all who read it are going to hell!

    *@godhatestent blocked from Forum by Moderator*

    Also, it seems very strange to me that you have a forum that doesn't have one instance of Godwin's Law on it!

    I like the idea of a confessional element to the forum, but I think the development of these confessions comes on a little too suddenly. The commenters are all talking about the story of Spiderfingers and then suddenly Peter has this massive relevlation which opens the floodgates. It's a change of gear that jarred with me a little, and I'd be happier if the idea that people had been visited by Spiderfingers was introduced more slowly i.e.

    But how would you know if you've never even met Spiderfingers?

    Who says I haven't?

    Peter also keeps saying that he isn't a writer, but his story is written with such elegant prose, that this seems to negate his claims. Maybe make him a little more matter of fact to give him a more distinctive voice?

    I'm sorry to be a bit critical with this, but I think your ideas are very strong and the execution just needs some tweaking in order to do the story justice.


  2. Thanks again for commenting with such comprehension and maternal attention pal!

    The format is a risk but to my knowledge, it’s a rather unique one – I will write this way again as there is loads I could do with it. Like a cyber-version of the diary format.

    If there are themes of subversion of technology and how people obsess over books and T.V, they are accidental. I have one core theme that has a universal aspect to it. Thanks though for having a perspective on what I’ve written to which I was previously unaware!

    I agree with you regarding the room for more voices in the comments. I’d like to wave a flag and say I didn’t have time! One month for inception/execution is no longer enough. Damn it....need that break next year so bad! To write without the constraints of a monthly format is so promising....a year off will be so liberating. Might even clean my room, wash my hair, who knows?
    Next year will be the year of the edit!

    I messed around with spelling as dialect on cyber space is actually a lot more uniformed than I suspected. In fact, doing my research, I found that net-speak is more influenced by grasp of spelling and grammar, a fact that some twats use against people when trying to derail strong arguments. What a petty little world.

    I didn’t think I had enough people hating on Tent so point taken. I will make amendments soon so apologies to anybody reading these comments and thinking Leanne is really off base! I’ve probably changed the piece according to her eagle eyed comments, and to the letter!

    ‘The one or two small arguments you have at the beginning seem almost too civilised for a real internet forum!’ – Crimson Eblog

    Hmmm, the geek comments I’ve read are well mannered to a point where you’d think they were students of the literature they were discussing. As a matter of fact, they are, often belabouring their points to gain supremacy in a forum that they are able to re-make themselves as an authority, a stark contrast to the world outside. About that world outside: The geeks ARE inheriting the earth and so the egos on the comment sections of many a sci-fi blog or action cartoon are more considered and structured, rivalling comments under traditional art works. Applying highbrow attitudes in the critique of pop culture fancies is not the sole province of the creators or the marketers – audiences from my observation love their fantasy intake so much that they are just as interested in offering proper contextual analysis as the odd ‘ that’s a piece of shit’ jibe.

    I love this:
    *@godhatestent blocked from Forum by Moderator*

    Will have to shove it in somewhere! Considering the anti-Muslim comments that were allowed though, it’a arguable that the moderators are extremely liberal. More on that later in the tale…

    Peter’s revelation only needs a little more resistance to it for it to work. Will work on that, cheers! I think the floodgates only needed one person to legitimise the sharing/confessional cyber-box…Spiderfingers was a very busy bee before his death, oh yes…

    Rooennismywashpot. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Will DEFFO use this:

    But how would you know if you've never even met Spiderfingers?

    Who says I haven't?

    Making up the names was the best bit about writing this instalment!

    Peter is elegant in his writing. I wonder how elegant men of the Bible were before gods voice blasted through them? Hmmmm…

    Thanks again for the depth of your critique. Again, your comments are most welcome and your delivery of the truth as you see it is something you earned a long long time ago.